Christmas Lights on Thoroughbred 2013

Making plans to take your family to see the Christmas Lights on Thoroughbred? Well, if you have ever been to see the lights before you will definitely notice there are some changes this year. Due to the AB 1616 Cottage Food law that went into effect on January 1, 2013, residents will only be allowed to sell foods approved by The California Department of Public Health.

Some of the approved items are:

  •  Baked goods without cream, custard or meat fillings such as breads, biscuits, churros, cookies, pastries and tortillas.
  •  Candy, such as brittle and toffee, chocolate-covered nonperishable foods, such as nuts and dried fruit.
  •  Fruit pies, fruit empanadas, and fruit tamales.
  •  Popcorn

All food must be prepared in the private kitchen within that home, packaged and labeled with “Made in a Home Kitchen”. The common name for the food along with all the ingredients must also appear on the label. Food sales are restricted between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm no exceptions. Oh, did I mention that sale of any liquids is not allowed. This means no hot chocolate, cider, soda, water etc. So, unless the homeowner is willing to do the extra work, get a business license, home occupation permit and cottage food health permit, there will be no goodies available to purchase.

Since I can remember, Thoroughbred residents have been going all out decorating their homes for Christmas. Decorations usually go up around Thanksgiving and typically stay up through Christmas. Thoroughbred Street is located just north of the 210 Fwy off of Sapphire. If you plan on walking through the lights, you will need to arrive prior to 9pm during the week and 10:00pm on the weekend or you will be turned away. Although, this is not a city sanctioned event, there will be various barricades and plenty of police presence, so please follow directions. If you plan on driving through, there is only one way in, and that is by driving north on Sapphire which you access off of 19th Street. Just a word of caution, depending on the day and time you visit the lights, you may spend up to 2 hours just driving through. There are no restroom facilities, so make sure you go beforehand.

Remember this is a residential area not a theme park so please respect other people’s property. Don’t block driveways or remove cones in front of residences. Please supervise your children and don’t throw your trash out on the street. I personally spend hours picking up trash every weekend during Christmas and believe me it’s not fun.  One last thing, please DO NOT visit the lights on Christmas or Christmas Eve, give the residents some time to enjoy their family and friends without all the traffic and noise.

I hope this information will be of help to you. Enjoy your visit to see the lights on Thoroughbred, you never know, this year may be the last year residents decide to decorate.

Merry Christmas!

Disney Christmas on Thoroughbred